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Here is no longer in actuality a overview within the identical old sense – there are already extra of these than we favor. It’s a stream-of-consciousness on Terraforming Mars (TM) including bits I love and don’t like along with thoughts on procedure.

I’ve conducted TM fifty eight cases now. About a 1/2 may perchance be two player, with the comfort Three,four and 5 player games.

TM is a game of card drafting and playing, collecting resources and procuring extra cards and other stuff which is able to every give you factors and coast the game against its conclude.

Section of the enchantment of TM is its specialty. No other mainstream board game has the identical frequent setup of a deck of outlandish cards which you own and salvage the income of, hopefully in this sort of ability that the cards combine well. Its a easy and gleaming mechanic. San Juan (potentially a honest better game than TM) additionally involves constructing a card tableau but there are far fewer cards and they also own no longer appear as if outlandish and the mechanics are extra complex with the feature different. TM is, clearly, a extra advanced game because of the huge diversity of cards and their interactions, however the defective mechanic of ‘draft and prefer’ is reasonably easy.

Its attention-grabbing that no one else has designed this sort of game sooner than. Having conducted TM a variety of cases it sounds like a pretty glaring component to construct but hundreds things are glaring in retrospect (conclude for some game nerd to mention a rare Swedish originate which never chanced on a official distributor but change into in general the identical as TM excluding save in a clog manufacturing facility).

The dressmaker has made no effort to construct all of the cards equally ideal. That’s in actuality trim originate. Certain, there are ‘unbalanced’ cards, within the sense that some are worse than others, but all of the cards salvage some use in assert circumstances, and varying high-quality of cards adds tension to the drafting assignment. I’m additionally doubtful that the beginning companies are all equally extremely efficient in addition. Again, I own no longer care. Having a detect through threads here on BGG, there may perchance be no longer a variety of agreement as to which companies are most productive. We think that Saturn Programs is terribly stable, but others think Helion is stable (we think it is one in every of the weakest). The handiest corporation I’d with out a doubt purchase is Viron, from the Venus expansion, no longer because its overpowered (this may perchance also be in some cases) but because it slows the game down.

We play with beefy drafting. I own no longer know why you would per chance play with out drafting – that sounds like a break of time. We deal out the beginning companies, so all people has two or three. Then we draft the beginning ten cards after which employ which beginning corporation to take care of. The reason you draft is to even out the success of the plan reasonably. I’d retract to salvage the cards every spherical dealt out on the desk face up after which gamers reveal for them, or a minimum of take care of turns (Settlers model) in taking them, but that would add extra time (and desk web page), but lets are trying that one day. It can murder the mystery of who may perchance salvage which cards, but it would per chance additionally even out the success of the plan. If Phoblog or Saturn Programs gets Neatly-behaved Alloys in their opening plan then that’s a huge advantage which, assuming competent play and even success from then on, need to aloof consequence in a relaxed bewitch as all people goes through the motions.

I in actuality detest downtime. Two free actions per turn slows the game down. Despite the truth that the player has belief to be his first action whereas others are having their turn, he many times has no longer belief to be the second action, or forgets his knowing, or has second thoughts, or decides that what the old player did utterly changes the game and he wants to rethink the turn from scratch. I settle for that the game wants to salvage the choice for a second action every turn, but it will aloof price $1 to construct it – beautiful a token price but ample to be obvious most folks will employ no longer to take care of the second action unless they need to. Each particular person’s turn need to aloof take care of around 10-15 seconds, such that in four gamers you must about 30-forty five seconds between turns, which is loads. You mustn’t be waiting a variety of minutes between turns. Reasonably a variety of the time it is in your passion to handiest take care of one action anyway but some, specifically contemporary gamers, play as if they need to aloof take care of two actions simply for the reason that rules allow it. I constantly take care of one action unless there may perchance be a compelling reason to construct in every other case. This continuously is the one component I’d completely swap within the game. The different irritations are minor.

There are two many ‘action’ cards interesting taking cubes on and off other cards. Its no longer a enormous downside. Shut to the tip of the spherical we beautiful mumble, “okay, all people construct your token stuff”, including a bird or a cow or a microbe or a whatever. I beautiful in actuality feel that’s all reasonably extra fiddly and unexciting than it wants to be.

The Venus expansion is, like most expansions, useless. Most expansions add “stuff” masquerading as attention-grabbing gameplay in web page of suited attention-grabbing gameplay, and Venus is no longer any exception. I own no longer thoughts playing Venus but it does now not construct the game better, or worse. It beautiful makes the game extra alive to.

The factors of accurate tension within the game construct no longer take care of up grand of the game time. These are: (1) the flee to grunt the achievements – who will ranking to eight builder icons first?; (2) the to who will construct the tracks and ranking the last few Terraforming factors; (Three) will the game construct this spherical or no longer? That is, there may perchance be a mountainous slab of time through the center piece of the game where gamers are beautiful doing there salvage component. There is aloof reasonably of tension here referring to what cards to take care of and what to hotfoot on, but that is basically hidden. I’m no longer announcing that it is a flawed component. I own no longer thoughts allowing the game to beautiful happen for a whereas. There is additionally reasonably tension around having a pair of vegetation and questioning if a comet is coming to murder them.

This brings me to the suited flaw within the game. As a rule it does now not matter grand what your opponents are doing, but there are key cases within the game when it matters a mountainous deal what your opponents are doing, and it be important to be aware your opponents in moderation to grab when that point is. In case you were conserving watch well, this would per chance hugely unhurried down the game. Largely I key an leer out for my opponents but no longer a shut watch, so I usually hotfoot away out things which had I considered I’d salvage conducted otherwise. Here is a straight exchange-off between ideal play and manageable play time. In reveal for the game to be fun (i.e. no longer take care of without a end in sight) then you definately may perchance salvage to sacrifice a level of vigilance. There is too grand happening, and too many imaginable outcomes, to serve be aware of it all with out making the game late for all people. If I hotfoot for “Builder” then I will shield a shut leer on the number of builder icons my opponents salvage, however the vigilance does now not hotfoot grand additional than that. Final game I conducted I uncared for out on “Planner” because I sequenced my actions wrongly at some level of the spherical and every other particular person got it one turn sooner than me. I’d salvage belief it all out and overwhelmed him to it, but that would salvage intended stopping the game for a variety of minutes whereas I labored out the sequence. No-one needs to be aware me think – its no longer pretty – and I own no longer want to be aware others think. However are no longer all procedure games like this? To a degree sure, but TM is a exiguous bit vulgar in having isolated moments when getting it proper matters plenty but additionally mountainous slabs of the game where it does now not matter at all.

By formulation of your procedure for the game, there is one vital quiz to reply to: construct I push the game rapid or strive to bustle it unhurried? That ought to be your first belief every turn. Shall we embrace, if your opponents salvage got a variety of good purchase cards then it be important to push the game to the tip as rapid as imaginable, since (all else being equal) you won’t shield within the long bustle if they’re paying much less for every card. The temptation for me is constantly to bustle the game slowly, but this is in general a trap. Fiddling with the Helion corporation is no longer easy here, since you must yell choice between the use of the warmth to enhance the temperature (and because of this truth working the game rapid) or to use it for cash (and bustle the game unhurried). Helion is a official corporation for controlling the hump of the game, but you must construct the correct call.

My most well-hottest number of gamers is three, but that number has a excessive flaw, which is the worn three-cornered contest downside. If two of the gamers are searching to coast the game up and the different needs a slower game then that third player will potentially lose. Two gamers avoids that downside, but it tends to be long with exiguous tension. four gamers is too grand downtime and five gamers is terrible. four swiftly gamers may perchance be a official game, but many times one in every of the gamers is contemporary to the game so as that on occasion ever happens.

Successful the game against no longer-contemporary gamers depends on: (1) staring at for the pacing of the game; (2) Opportunistically grabbing the achievements and awards. From turn one it be important to salvage a knowing of which success you would per chance perchance ranking and how. Some companies are pretty glaring (e.g. Econline must snatch gardener and landlord).but others are extra refined but it be important to bag a ability; (Three) Gleaming when to prefer a Extra special Challenge, specifically a key greenery or a metropolis.

OK, you are going to be in a space to ogle this is no longer in actuality a overview. True some random thoughts after nearly 60 games of TM. Its a official game. I revel in playing and will revel in playing extra. Each game looks otherwise, which is sweet. Its no longer the holy grail of games. Largely, I ogle forward to what other designers construct with the identical mechanic of “here are a huge number of cards” because there is a variety of scope here to construct some ideal games which may perchance be no longer these dumb dungeon-coast-adventure co-operative forms.

Richard Young




Passe Ways Are Most attention-grabbing!

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Test Six!

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Some ideal thoughts here. We salvage never chanced on the game to be over long, but then we are aged to vital games that final between two and three hours which many times additionally leaves time for a filler (7 Wonders or Alea Iacta Est, or some such). However, we additionally use a modified draft conserving every third turn or every other turn. Corpulent drafting completely will add time to the game specifically with extra than three gamers.

We salvage wired that one does now not need to take care of two actions every turn but mark that there are cases when it is important. The thought of paying a cube to head that additional turn sounds attention-grabbing as mostly it be no longer relevant and why wouldn’t you save a buck whereas you presumably can – and when important for tactical causes a cube is now not always in actuality that refined. True knowing I’m thinking and can salvage the create of lowering down time general.

Thanks on your thoughts…

Sky Zero

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Entirely agree on the Venus expansion. 100% useless and beautiful bloats the game. Additional boards are frigid even though and shake up play.

Done a four player game on Saturday (2 contemporary and 2 seasoned gamers). I change into one in every of the contemporary gamers and won with a ranking of fifty eight. Mechanics and play were a snap to prefer and I didn’t ogle the contemporary player downside you great.

AJ Cooper

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Why construct you consider Viron slows the game down so grand? It adds one action per generation. Does your neighborhood salvage flawed AP with specifically this action?

Announcing that Phobolog or Saturn Programs + Neatly-behaved Alloys is an auto bewitch with moderate success is an exaggeration. It’s fine to salvage, but other stable beginning combos construct exist. Moreover why is Mining Guild no longer on this neighborhood? The originate for steel is higher, as a percentage, than for titanium; and additional production is grand more uncomplicated to achieve by.

John Clark




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Talmanes wrote:

Why construct you consider Viron slows the game down so grand? It adds one action per generation. Does your neighborhood salvage flawed AP with specifically this action?

Announcing that Phobolog or Saturn Programs + Neatly-behaved Alloys is an auto bewitch with moderate success is an exaggeration. It’s fine to salvage, but other stable beginning combos construct exist. Moreover why is Mining Guild no longer on this neighborhood? The originate for steel is higher, as a percentage, than for titanium; and additional production is grand more uncomplicated to achieve by.

On Viron, sure it is handiest one additional action to construct the Viron component, but that may perchance enable/save off a string of other additional actions, which ends in heaps of of needless AP whereas the player works out which blue card to play twice. Its no longer a dire component – if someone in actuality mandatory to play with Viron then that’s ravishing – but slowing the game down stinks. Fortuitously, TM does now not salvage any cards which allow a player to ogle through the discards and seize one in every of them. Despite the truth that appropriated costed, it would per chance aloof stink as all people sits there awaiting the player to agonise over your complete discard pile. Unfortunately this sort of card exists in other games (Twilight Imperium for one, but I even salvage burned these cards in my save).

On OP combos of cards, I change into no longer searching to listing a complete save but give a snappy example. Certain, Mining Guild is every other case. I admit to a level of hyperbole for create in my ‘overview’, but aloof serve that obvious lucky draws at the very beginning will give one player a vastly higher likelihood of a success the game within the tip.

My most hated cards are in actuality the 2 which amplify your production of steel or titanium and lower every other particular person’s production of the identical. I never appear to plan them and they also’re very detrimental, specifically in two player.

One knowing I had for lowering the success of the plan is this:

Each spherical the gamers are all dealt FIVE cards. They every employ one card to be positioned aside with these chosen by other gamers, after which hotfoot the comfort on to the left (with out picking one on your self). Drafting continues as now not contemporary, with every player getting four cards.

Later, whenever the oxygen will enhance to an extra than one in every of three, the cards save aside are dealt out randomly to every player and a separate draft occurs, so there shall be four ‘particular’ drafts at some level of the game.

This system that: (a) potentially the most extremely efficient cards are delayed in entering the game; (b) after they construct enter, all people (potentially) gets a official one.

I know that does now not guarantee it all evens out, but this may perchance abet (and there continuously is the pleasure of the ‘gorgeous-draft’!) The identical component may perchance very well be finished with an auction mechanism, but auctions are no longer fragment of the game and I may perchance retract to work for the period of the contemporary mechanics.

I even salvage no longer tried the variant yet, since the success of the plan is no longer in general that grand of a burden, but it may perchance be attention-grabbing to provide it a hotfoot.

If you’re mates are taking 2 actions every turn they’re already paying a cost, that is the chance price.

True dispute your folks that it is sub-optimum to play this form and they also’ll conclude doing it.

Most continuously, there are very few reason to flee your actions, and you may perchance aloof constantly handiest construct 1 action in your turn. Here are some exceptions:

* Speeding a tile placement (e.g. the ocean bonus on hellas)

* Getting out a card whose max requirement may perchance very well be met whereas you own no longer act now.

* Speeding a milestone

* Speeding a terraforming bonus

* Speeding the final step of a global parameter

* Spending Eight vegetation to serve far off from destruction

* Spending vitality production you beautiful purchased to serve far off from getting sabotaged.

* Participant with ants is sitting after you and you presumably may perchance be in a space to construct a double action to use these microbes

There are potentially some additional circumstances that would very well be added to the listing.

So why need to aloof you wait? On story of doing so may perchance open the likelihood for you to snatch a pair of of the bonuses listed above. However, besides that, even whereas you perceive for particular nothing you construct this turn shall be tormented by other gamers, THEY own no longer know that. In case you must got conducted your hand you hotfoot away them to pursue a grand extra aggressive model for the comfort of the generation, within the event you presumably can simply salvage kept your self within the game and acted threateningly. Addtionaly, whereas you own no longer play the identical formulation even within the event you are going to be in a space to, or can no longer, interfere with other gamers plans, they’ll learn to acknowledge this “yell” from you.

Due to the this truth, constantly play 1 action at a turn, and act as whereas you must all choices readily available to interfere with other folks.

Due to the this it be imperative that you just own no longer construct all microbe action at the tip of the generation. Exercise them early to stall! My first turns many times includes constructing ants etc (but be swiftly about it, your turn need to aloof handiest take care of Three seconds).

Moreover, in reveal for you to throw away cards for cash, construct it 1 at a time to serve your self within the game.

The income of the above procedure is most obliging when the fundamental player token is set to rotate over to you.

Jon W

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johnclark wrote:

We play with beefy drafting. I own no longer know why you would per chance play with out drafting – that sounds like a break of time.

I retract it with out drafting. It’s already a long game. As you gift, it be a game with a variety of variance. I’m skeptical about how grand the draft in actuality offsets this. I may perchance reasonably play a faster, higher-variance game than a sloggy, handiest significantly lower variance one, but it be beautiful a desire. Perchance I’m beautiful losing my time. review


The factors of accurate tension within the game construct no longer take care of up grand of the game time.

These are stable factors. I have been intuiting something identical, so thanks for making these assert. I in actuality revel within the game, but its lack of efficiency is troubling.


There is too grand happening, and too many imaginable outcomes, to serve be aware of it all with out making the game late for all people.

Agreed, and it is a enormous fragment of why the draft bothers me. The draft has plenty to analyze every turn, but that’s late (and no longer beautiful on your opponents, but for you in addition, having to tick-and-tie the total tell changes since the final draft, implications, etc.). It looks inconsistent to salvage much less vigilance in some substances of the game, after which draft in moderation. Or no longer, but then why effort with it? I beautiful own no longer think it be attention-grabbing ample to define the time to construct it proper.


OK, you are going to be in a space to ogle this is no longer in actuality a overview.

Sounds like one to me, and of a bigger fashion than most evaluations on here. You brought a alive to analytical leer to the game (as you construct with most of your game comments, which is why I geekbuddied you formulation abet).

Stephen Thompson

United States



Fabulous overview – thanks for sharing. I’ve conducted TM about Three-four cases and I’ve in actuality loved it. Most in my gaming neighborhood own no longer find it irresistible, but I find it irresistible and hope to play it again quickly. I beautiful salvage to bag some prepared gamers… Thanks again for all of the mountainous procedure suggestions.

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