Review Overview: Cube & Dragons:: Cube & Dragons Rapid Overview

Review Overview: Cube & Dragons:: Cube & Dragons Rapid Overview


Edwin Burns

United States



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I picked up Cube & Dragons at Gen Con 2018 for $20. I believe the game succeeds as a transient filler sport but no longer remarkable else.

Within the sector is 5 custom six sided dragon dice, 2 pencils (branded Cube and Dragons), a persona pad, a dragon pad, a participant’s handbook, and a dragon’s handbook. The substances are few but overall if truth be told feel fine.

The game is a duel between a puny salvage collectively of adventurers (ideally 2-three) and a dragon. In between fights you might per chance well be ready to stage up and plan shut gear.

The principle mechanic is easy. To make exercise of a persona’s means that you’ll want to always roll definite symbols but dragon symbols let the dragon hit you. You salvage 2 re-rolls on every turn. Every persona takes three turns then the dragon gets to roll the dice three situations and he is handiest making an attempt to search out the dragon image.

The Goal15-25 mins per dragon.

Straightforward to coach and play.

The dragon art work is completely right and there are ample sheets to play just a few situations (whenever you wished to).

Attempting to search out gear and leveling up is fun.

There are some differences between the teachings and each dragon so there is somewhat bit fresh on every fight.

The dice are fine.

The game changed into all any other time cost-effective

The MehThe pencils are same previous amount 2 pencils but don’t if truth be told receive staunch erasers, I gentle the pencils before the whole lot but then switched to my possess pencils.

Equipment handiest lasts for one hunt so the metal shield I bought for my cleric disappears after the hunt.

The warrior and cleric image are a dinky bit the same and no longer easy to love a flash distinguish.

I don’t just like the 2 rule books that is an apparent homage to that different sport with two Ds but it absolutely doesn’t if truth be told keep sense to me to receive two books here.

You might per chance well maybe maybe presumably keep your possess persona (but any other time there isn’t ample distinction in gameplay for me to desire to assemble that).

The TaintedI don’t stare any motive to replay a sport. (The firm promised free sigh updates if I adopted them on Fb so presumably there shall be within the future).

The persona lessons aren’t different ample. I could per chance well presumably receive cherished to appear some class abilities that no doubt made every class different and both me and my SO wondered why the warrior begins with no AC and the rogue begins with one AC.

This sport has solo guidelines and Four and 5 participant guidelines but they seem tacked on. I could per chance well presumably mumble that this sport handiest if truth be told works 2-three gamers.


5/10 I’m no longer disappointed in my rob but I could per chance well presumably no longer counsel it both. It’s a somewhat straightforward dice sport with substances of an puny RPG campaign. There isn’t a amount of replay designate but it absolutely is fun ample for me to receive 9 20 mins games. I could per chance well presumably mumble its most spirited for as a filler and worst for somebody that desires a concern or an extended dice pushed campaign. There are things like extra various lessons and heaps suggestions to alter the dice as a replacement of simply rolling that I believe would receive improved the game. The game might per chance well additionally without train be a print and play sport as successfully.

Matt Jourdan

United States


My son and I journey this. My most spirited gripe is the pads. There aren’t many copies of every net page. Play it by three situations or so and you,l assemble no longer receive any papers left… 😢

Matt Jourdan

United States


I laminated one amongst every dragon tonight, and I’m brainstorming suggestions to assemble one thing with the heroes. I composed assume this sport is astronomical for what it is. Don’t seek info from a dee

Game here even though. Goal heaps os dice chucking fun.

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