Google Pixel Three ‘red’ variant hinted at in Jap teaser dispute source code

Last week a Jap teaser dispute popped up for Google’s impending Google Pixel Three (Pixel Three in Japan is news ample, superior?), revealing about a topics that many imagine would possibly additionally signify about a color variants for the tool. Now, a fourth theme has been chanced on within the online page’s source code hinting at a fourth color — but it surely’s now not quite fully lifelike.

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We’ve enabled the hidden theme ourselves to explore what’s if truth be told going on here. The valuable takeaway: Whereas the newfound “red” color chance referenced within the source code would possibly additionally mean that there’s a fourth color, it’s valuable to enlighten that the truth of what used to be chanced on within the code here is basically a diminutive bit more unspecific.

You doubtlessly remember three of the topics we saw final week — they’re publicly visible on the positioning. All it be valuable to enact is click on the “G” imprint on the support of the cell phone to swap thru them.

One dispute this gets sophisticated is seeing how these topics are referred to within the source. The valuable, the one with the white background and green accent, is thought as “green”. The 2d, the one who’s dusky, is appropriately, “dusky”. And the third, the one many enjoy assumed hints at a “mint”-colored cell phone of some kind, is basically referred to within the code as “blue”.

So we enjoy “green”, “dusky”, and “blue”, to signify what seem like a white cell phone with a green accent, an all-dusky tool, and a mint cell phone with what looks to be a green accent. It’s evident the colors referred to within the code here don’t in actual fact line up with their appearance too neatly.

Enter the fourth theme hidden within the code that’s now not if truth be told enabled: “red”. Right here’s what that appears to be like esteem within the occasion you merely swap out the theme as of this writing:

One caveat is that this is now not if truth be told how Google meant the online page as a total to explore. Whereas we imagine the red background and the theming of the “Coming Rapidly” text enact ponder the fourth “red” theme, the tool account for itself — and therefore the outrageous green accent — would now not. the code, it appears to be like there used to be additional javascript here that’s merely missing.

Many of potentialities here. Changed into a fourth theme eliminated at the final minute and a few the straggling CSS staunch didn’t glean caught in code evaluate? Changed into this diminutive hint left in intentionally to tip off savvy code divers on a fourth color? Both methodology, we also heard rumors ourselves of a red or “coral” Pixel Three, as we talked about on a previous episode of Alphabet Scoop, so it’s now not sparkling to search out this within the first dispute. Note on the avenue is that Google also thought to be launching a red-colored Pixel 2.

Any other bid to imagine with these color leaks is that Google hasn’t performed the identical colors for the identical outdated Pixel and XL variants, so we don’t know which gadgets the colors hinted at in this teaser shall be conscious to — if any. Per chance the “mint” shall be a third chance for the smaller Pixel, whereas a red or red chance shall be on hand for the XL. Or even none of the colors mean anything.

Wager we’ll discover in about a weeks. Are you hoping for a red Pixel Three? Let us know below.

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