Review Samsung Q900R 8K QLED TV evaluation

Review Samsung Q900R 8K QLED TV evaluation


Our Verdict

It’s easy to be cynical about Samsung’s 8K TV. With treasured minute native 8K recount material currently readily accessible or due any time quickly (exterior of Japan, anyway), absolutely an 8K TV can’t be price shopping now, proper? Sinful, definitely. For whereas the 85Q900R is certainly at its barnstorming easiest with native 8K photography, it additionally sets novel standards with the lower decision photography we’re already watching now…


  • 8K photography look big
  • Unprecedented brightness and coloration
  • Ground breaking upscaling
  • More inexpensive than expected


  • eighty five-proceed show veil limits market
  • Some occasional backlight points
  • Some occasional coloration points
  • No Dolby Vision support

With most other folks – *cough* recount material services – only pleasant getting to grips with 4K decision, you’d be forgiven for pondering that Samsung had long gone nuts by introducing the realm’s first pleasant 8K TV. With no longer often any native 8K recount material readily accessible available in the market, what’s the level of spending expansive to receive your hands on so many pixels?

It be on legend of, even supposing it would no longer feel this approach, 8K recount material is coming sooner somewhat than later: Japan’s NHK broadcaster is launching an 8K channel in December, whereas Netflix and TV France, amongst others, enjoy already filmed some stuff in 8K. 

But what definitely makes the 85Q900R inviting as a TV for at the present time somewhat than the following day, despite the truth that, is that surprisingly it doesn’t in truth need native 8K photography to head looking out inconceivable – it takes any recount material you feed it and spits out just some of the agreeable photography we enjoy but to head looking out on a show veil this size.

Label and birth date

Whether or no longer the realm is ready for it, the Samsung Q900R is already out in the wild. Within the US, it be readily accessible solely in an eighty five-proceed variant called the Samsung QN85Q900RAFXZA, whereas in the UK and other regions it be called the Samsung QE85Q900RATXXU. Whereas the US will only provide the Q900R in a hideous eighty five-proceed show veil size, it is doubtless you’ll be in a region to eradicate sixty 5, 75 and Eighty two-proceed variants in the UK and other territories at some level in the shut to future.

As for the charge, the Samsung QN85Q900R will function you support $14,999 in the US, which comes out to be around £11,600 or AU$21,000. 



For all its incredible, cutting-edge capabilities, the 85Q900R isn’t definitely mighty to head looking out at in manufacture phrases: It be pleasant a skinny darkish frame wrapped around an (admittedly impressively expansive) eighty five-proceed show veil with a pair of king-sized feet tucked below every bottom nook. 

Whereas these feet might per chance unique many households with a explain given the size of furniture you’ll need to relaxation the TV on, we didn’t definitely rep the 85Q900R’s lack of stlye a explain. Despite all the pieces, whenever you’re talking a pair of TV with an eighty five-proceed show veil and extra brightness than every other TV earlier to, its dazzling photography are definitely all that you watch anyway.

The 85Q900R’s manufacture minimalism is enhanced by the approach it places all of its connections onto an exterior ‘One Join’ box that jacks into the TV by a single, surprisingly slim cable. The unique Q900R One Join carries 4 HDMI 2.zero ports, three USBs, Bluetooth (which affords your only headphone possibility), and support for wired and wireless networking.

We are asserting ‘unique’ One Join for a cause, despite the truth that, as Samsung goes to introduce a novel One Join box for the Q900R vary in the novel year that can lift an HDMI that’s constructed to the unique, barely ratified HDMI 2.1 commonplace. Here is extreme on legend of HDMI 2.1 can lift mighty extra records than HDMI 2.zero, and might support 8K at 60 frames a 2d and extra, somewhat than only supporting 8K at 30 frames a 2d because the first batch of Q900Rs attain. 

What’s extra, Samsung goes to originate these upgraded One Join boxes readily accessible (after they’re ready) to other folks who eradicate Q900Rs now – despite the truth that at the time of writing, Samsung can’t verify the real phrases on which this upgrade will operate.

Make TL;DR: Whereas there’s nothing very flash referring to the 85Q900R’s manufacture, it’s successfully constructed, and its minimalist approach intention there’s nothing to distract you from its game-altering photography. Its exterior One Join box keeps cable chaos to a bare minimum, and might per chance procure an HDMI 2.1 upgrade at some level one day. 


Dapper TV (Eden 2.zero)

No matter boasting an all novel processing machine, the 85Q900R carries the identical ‘Eden 2.zero’ neat TV machine learned on all of Samsung’s other mid-vary and excessive-end TVs for 2018. That might sound heinous, nonetheless definitely is no longer any longer definitely mighty a explain at all given that Eden 2.zero combines an big wealth of apps with a easy, without problems customized interface and courageous negate earn a watch on/search functionality.

The vital apps are all as much as this level in their most celebrated versions too, which intention that Amazon High, Netflix and YouTube all support 4K HDR playback. In reality, the YouTube app might also play the handful of native 8K movies YouTube has at its disposal … supplied your net bandwidth is as much as the job, obviously.

Fortunately, thanks Samsung’s novel processing engine, there is just not any longer any longer even a speed of instability or slow down in the menus when put next with Samsung’s flagship 4K TVs, the Samsung Q9FN QLED sequence, despite desiring to drive twice the amount of pixels.

Dapper TV Functions TL;DR: Rather then for the white backdrop at the support of its icons making the machine look a contact dated, Samsung’s neat platform is undoubtedly one of many agreeable the TV world has to give straight away.

HD/SDR Efficiency

Samsung Q900R Specs


Show veil sizes readily accessible: sixty 5-proceed (Europe only), 75-proceed (Europe only), Eighty two-proceed (US only) and eighty five-proceed (Europe and US) | Tuner: Freeview HD | 4K: Sure (definitely 8K!!) | HDR: Sure (HDR10, HLG, HDR10+) | Panel technology: Samsung QLED | Dapper TV: Sure/Eden 2.zero | Bent: No | Dimensions: 1905.2(w) x 1094.2(h) x 36.three(d) mm | 3D: No | Inputs: Four HDMIs (all 2.zero initially, with one 2.1 being added in subsequent year’s items), three USBs, RF tuner 

It looks nearly perverse to kick off the performance share of this take a look at of an 8K TV by focusing on its performance with HD and commonplace dynamic vary recount material. 

But, as successfully as this merely being the approach we attain things, it’s crucial to replicate that alternatively inviting the even handed 8K shall be, plenty of the video that households in general gaze straight away looks in HD and commonplace dynamic vary. Which, one would keep a question to to absolutely unique a minute little bit of a explain for a TV as expansive, rich in decision and extremely luminous because the 85Q900R, proper?

No longer as mighty as you would keep a question to, definitely. Truly, the all-novel 8K AI Upscaler Samsung has created for its novel 8K TV generation does an nearly miraculously true job of conjuring up the tens of 1000’s and 1000’s of extra pixels wanted to flip HD into 8K.

For starters, the upscaling engine does a ideal job of preserving apart source noise (much like compression artefacts and over-sharp grain) from ‘correct’ picture records. It then calculates the look of the 30 million plus extra pixels required cleverly sufficient to move HD photography taking a look sharper, extra detailed, extra dense and extra three dimensional than they ever enjoy earlier to. Even on the easiest 4K TVs.

The identical old jaggedness around angled or arced edges is fully removed throughout the 8K upscale, too. Most doubtless easiest of all, despite the truth that, all of these outstanding (whenever you end to take into legend what the TV is doing) upscaling achievements are delivered in true time without generating any of the form of undesirable unwanted effects continually linked to heavy responsibility upscaling: there’s no double edging, no exaggerated MPEG noise, no ‘stepped’ edges, no sense of motion inch, no undesirable grittiness, no fizzing or sparkling over areas of definitely intense detail… The purity of the upscaled photography definitely is outstanding to head looking out, and has our hopes up that Samsung eradicate into consideration porting the 85Q900R’s scaling engine over to its top class 4K TVs for 2019.


That acknowledged, there are a pair of riders lets calm add to the 85Q900R’s going by of HD. First, it is doubtless you’ll per chance presumably calm spark off the Neat Investigate cross-take a look at noise reduction feature on its Low environment unless your HD source is entirely pristine, as this does an obedient job of burnishing off the one or two rough edges the basic 8K AI Upscaler every so continually leaves (albeit at the price of a minute bit sharpness).

Second, we wouldn’t primarily relate the upscaled HD photography as taking a look entirely fancy 8K – of direction, they give the impact of being extra fancy extremely-polished 4K. That, in itself, is a outstanding fulfillment on a TV the place we would frankly expected the need so that you might per chance add so many extra pixels to manual to HD photography that look WORSE than they potentially would on a true 4K TV, the place the possibility of pixels that need to be added is critically smaller.

zero.33, in terms of going by commonplace dynamic vary photography, it would possibly in all probability per chance be a minute bit tricky to receive this 4000-nit, HDR-focused show veil handing over pleasant SDR light ranges without it starting up to lose shadow detail in the darkest picture areas. And it would possibly in all probability per chance equally be a minute bit tricky to make potentially the plenty of the TV’s HDR+ feature – which converts SDR to HDR – without some colours taking a look a minute bit peaky and compression noise in darkish areas turning into exaggerated.

Your easiest bet, I’d dispute, is to no longer exhaust HDR+, and pleasant exhaust the Customary preset with Eco capabilities turned off and the backlight diminished a minute bit from its default region.

HD/SDR performance TL;DR: The 85Q900R’s upscaling machine is merely a world beater, changing HD sources to 8K extra successfully than I’d enjoy thought conceivable. SDR recount material can look dazzling too, whenever you happen to’re cautious how the TV is function up.


4K/HDR Efficiency

Our frequent ‘4K/HDR’ header for this share definitely isn’t sufficient for this evaluation –  despite all the pieces, it’s the realm’s first native 8K tv. Having acknowledged that, despite the truth that, except a minute possibility of 8K YouTube movies, there’s currently no native 8K recount material a protracted-established person can gaze.

Here is an big pity, as having tested the 85Q900R with some namely shot 8K clips supplied by Samsung, featuring plenty of gorgeous views and photography of nature, we are in a position to safely dispute that native 8K looks entirely incredible. Any doubts over whether or no longer an 8K pixel depend can look critically higher than a 4K pixel depend are suddenly crushed, as your peep is dazzled by 8K’s extra detail, textures, readability, and enhanced sense of picture depth. 

Colours look massively extra refined too, making objects look extra solid and free of any and all pixel construction or ‘stepping’ around bent or diagonal edges.

The extent to which the 85Q900R’s coloration performance helps to unlock the total impact of all these extra pixels joins the TV’s outstanding upscaling in illustrating pleasant how dazzling Samsung’s novel 8K processing engine is. 


Whereas native 8K playback on the 85Q900R introduces an total novel stage of picture tremendous awesomeness, crucially 4K playback looks inconceivable too. The upscaling engine that stunned us so mighty with HD is much extra fine with 4K: Resolution looks clearly higher than the native decision of the 4K photography, and all all over again here is done with magnificent mighty no undesirable upscaling unwanted effects whatsoever.

In plenty of programs the 85Q900R’s outstanding 4K enhancements – which add depth and coloration refinement, as successfully because the extra perceived decision – are extra crucial straight away than its native 8K performance. Despite all the pieces, the truth that the function can originate at the present time’s easiest-tremendous source look critically higher than it does on mere 4K TVs intention that someone who buys one obtained’t need to abet unless native 8K recount material looks to receive an image tremendous return on their investment.

All that acknowledged, the unparalleled vary of coloration tones the 85Q900R can reproduce thanks to its processing and uncouth brightness additionally reminds us extra emphatically than any earlier QLED TV of the importance of Samsung’s metal-clad Quantum Dot manufacture. This allows the TV’s QDs to be driven more challenging than long-established QDs without them suffering any performance/lifespan degradation and the 85Q900R’s brightness is as jaw-shedding as its 8K decision. Generous of handing over successfully over 4,000 nits of brightness on a ten% white HDR window, Samsung’s 8K basic person serves up without problems potentially the most flat-out spectacular excessive dynamic vary photography we’ve ever considered. 


Remarkably, despite the truth that, despite being nearly twice as luminous as any earlier TV, the 85Q900R doesn’t only attain the inviting parts of HDR’s expanded light spectrum successfully: Its backlight plot, native dimming machine and grand processing additionally mean that it would possibly in all probability per chance lift impressively deep sunless tones throughout HDR playback. Truly, intensely darkish areas of HDR photography can look emphatically sunless. 

Sad ranges have a tendency to dwell uniform and deep if a extremely luminous object looks in the midst of a extremely darkish residence, which is can in general be a nightmare for LCD/LED TVs. This has in general been an residence the place rival OLED technology excels nonetheless the 85Q900R in general handles it superbly, with minimal greyness and scarcely a speed of unintended backlight ‘magnificent’ across the inviting residence.

It need to be acknowledged that the 85Q900R takes somewhat a minute little bit of brightness out of very miniature luminous highlights, to earn up backlight magnificent below earn a watch on. For instance, a miniature torch light in the evening looks brighter on the Q9FN or potentially the most celebrated OLED TVs than it does on the 85Q900R. But there’s much less backlight magnificent across the torch on the 85Q900R than there is on the Q9FN.

Moreover, with all nonetheless the smallest luminous objects hits a somewhat higher size, the 85Q900R manages to originate the object brighter than it looks on the Q9FN – all all over again, in most cases, with no magnificent.


There are alternatively, a trio of negative facets to the 85Q900R’s higher brightness. First, sunless ranges throughout photography containing a colossal mix of light and darkish recount material can look greyer than they attain on OLED TVs or the Q9FN. 

Second, whereas magnificent is continually brilliantly handled, it would possibly in all probability per chance appear faintly over somewhat huge areas of the image if a extremely darkish shot comprises plenty of extremely faint detail. The form of picture recount material that might cause here is terribly rare, despite the truth that. 

At closing, whereas the 85Q900R’s uncouth brightness in general has a massively effective impact on coloration, with rare photography that own a combination of light and darkish recount material scattered proper across the image, colours can look a contact outmoded when put next with the Q9FN on account of the backlight seeping a minute bit extra into picture areas the place it shouldn’t.

One other backlight disaster finds brightness taking a bit longer to react to sudden cuts from luminous to darkish photography than it ideally would, which intention you would usually watch the sunshine ramp down a bit after a darkish shot has regarded.

The 85Q900R’s obedient photography, despite the truth that, inquire of that we wrap up this share on a excessive show, so let’s attain that by asserting that whenever you happen to exhaust its Game picture preset, it only suffers with lower than 20ms of enter inch – even when upscaling from HD to 8K. Here is somewhat some feat.

4K/HDR Efficiency TL;DR: The TV’s inconceivable decision and brightness mix to lift merely potentially the most dazzling photography I’ve ever considered on a TV. Here is terribly pleasant with native 8K playback, nonetheless crucially given the place the TV recount material world is at straight away, upscaled 4K HDR photography additionally look higher than I’d dreamed conceivable.



Unfortunately, when put next with its photography, the 85Q900R’s audio is a minute little bit of a let down. Its audio system fight to lift the form of volumes such an enormous TV wishes to total its cinematic expertise, and the sound never definitely feels fancy it’s coming forward into the room (in difference to these explosive photography).

Voices calm function as much as sound intelligible and warmth, despite the truth that, and kudos are due, too, to Samsung’s Dapper Sound machine, which does a largely true job of automatically optimizing the sound settings to whatever manufacture of recount material you’re watching.

Sound TL;DR: Whereas it’s free of distortions and capabilities a magnificent intuitive automatic sound adjustment processing possibility, the 85Q900R’s audio system lack the energy and assault to attain its wide and alluring photography proud.

review Have to you don't thoughts stepping down to 75-inches, the Samsung Q9FN QLED is calm a mighty gorgeous TV.

Have to you don’t thoughts stepping down to 75-inches, the Samsung Q9FN QLED is calm a mighty gorgeous TV.

Diversified panels to ponder…

Have to you would live without the 8K future proofing, incredible 4K upscaling and peerless brightness and coloration the 85Q900R affords, it is doubtless you’ll per chance presumably enjoy a look at Samsung’s outstanding 4K Q9FN vary as an replacement. (Though, the agreeable of these you would receive is 75 inches.)

One other obedient 75-proceed TV is the Sony KD-75XE9405 (called the Sony Bravia XBR-75X940E in the US). Here’s a 2017 model, and is nowhere shut to as luminous because the Samsung nonetheless it absolutely’s readily accessible at knock-down costs now, and is an obedient performer within its 4K and diminished brightness ‘limitations’.

At closing, whenever you happen to’d resolve to associate an enormous show veil with OLED somewhat than QLED technology, the LG C8 OLED can present you with seventy seven-inches of pleasant sunless ranges and rich colours – despite the truth that with much less sharpness and heaps extra and heaps much less brightness.

Final verdict

The 85Q900R ushers in a novel technology of TV picture tremendous. Its native 8K photography are inconceivable, taking a look pleasant fancy the explicit world – only higher. But mighty extra crucially given the dearth of pleasant 8K recount material for the foreseeable future, the 85Q900R makes all at the present time’s lower decision sources look higher than they attain anywhere else, too. 

Whether 8K delivers the identical impact on smaller screens remains to be considered, nonetheless whenever you happen to’ve got gotten a expansive sufficient room and charge range, the 85Q900R is a imaginative and prescient of the future that’s definitely spectacularly price shopping at the present time.

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